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Team Focus

OMNIview has become an industry leader in Team Talent Solutions.

A key question facing any organization is how well prepared is their leadership is to handle the future?

OMNIview helps organizations define future challenges and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to thrive in the future environment. More importantly, OMNIview provides a comprehensive view of their leadership teams against those defined future requirements.

Our team solutions equip organizations to:

  • Identify team strengths and development needs.
  • Identify high potentials.
  • Create team and individual development plans.
  • Make appropriate selection practice changes to address future needs.

We understand that great talent initiatives start with great talent insights. Which is why we utilize our proprietary Match 3.0 strengths assessment to capture the “inside/out” view of talent, and our proprietary Match 3.0/360 multi-rater to capture the “outside/in” view of talent.

The combination of those two perspectives delivered by those two cutting edge tools, provides an organization every insight they need to evaluate and manage talent at the team level.

Added to our unparalleled data collection is a wide range of detailed team reports AND world class development content featured in our new development handbook titled The Journey to Leadership Success.

With a wide range of technology driven solutions, deep expertise, and game changing insights, it's no wonder OMNIview has become the provider of choice to organizations of all sizes and industries looking to maximize their Team Talent capabilities!


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