Pick ’em right and keep ’em longer


OMNIview believes that your ability to “Pick ’em right and keep ’em longer” is the single most important investment you will make over the next decade.

The dramatic shift in demographics occurring in the United States will redefine the way organizations focus on acquiring and retaining talent.

Baby boomers, the largest generation of workers in history, are leaving the workforce in record numbers.

A recent survey from EMSI Consulting provided evidence that the boomer generation is retiring at a much earlier rate than the group before them, which will prematurely shrink the available labor pool. EMSI also predicted a major decrease in birth rates and dramatically lower levels of qualified/skilled immigrants entering the country.

The impact of these dramatic changes will force organizations to focus on engaging and retaining the talent they are able to find. Those who do it well will emerge as the big winners allowing them to save millions in talent acquisition expenses.

The OMNIview “Retention Predictor” solution has been designed to help organizations achieve 4 critical outcomes:

Competitive advantage

Number one

Gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly difficult and competitive labor market

Economic impact

Number two

Reduce the economic and operational impact of unwanted turnover

Manager employee trust

Number three

Build deeper manager/employee trust – “keeping the dialogue alive”

High-risk employee

Number four

Provide early identification and intervention of high-risk employees

Don’t let your P&L become cratered with turnover expenses.

Deploy the OMNIview “Retention Predictor” today and enjoy a true competitive advantage!


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