Leadership Assessment

Deep insights into leadership potential

Leadership Assessment

Evaluating a person’s Culture Fit, Readiness and Current Potential Index™ before you make a hiring decision is the key to accurately assessing the future performance potential of a Leader.

Whether a candidate is sourced externally or internally, these important questions need to be answered in depth before placing a candidate into a critical leadership role:

  • How well do they fit the role?
  • How well do they fit your unique culture?
  • What is their current potential to take on a senior role?
  • What additional knowledge, skills, and abilities do they need to grow to continue their development?

High-impact proprietary assessment components:

Leadership experience inventory

leadership experience inventory

Culture fit analytics

Custom culture fit analytics

Unique constructs

Unique constructs
(e.g. curiosity, managing ambiguity,
retention probability and motivation)

OMNIview provides our clients with highly efficient and effective Leadership Assessment solutions via our distinctive Match 3.0 assessment platform.

Our guarantee to you is simple:
We will provide you with all the insights you need
(at a rate that won’t sink your budget)
to help you make better leadership talent decisions.

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