Leadership Coaching

Elevating the leadership effectiveness of organizations

Leadership Coaching

In an early French business slogan, a “coach” was defined as something to “take valued people from where they are, to where they want to be!”

At OMNIview we know becoming a highly effective leader is a journey, not just a destination.

Being an effective leader in today’s technology-driven fast lane is more challenging than ever and requires leaders to possess a wide range of knowledge, skills, and personal acumen.

Perhaps most importantly, it requires motivation and acquired critical experience.

Leaders set the tone for an organization. The quality of their work is measured in critical business outcomes like employee engagement, customer satisfaction, repeat business, and an expanding bottom line.

OMNIview’s Leadership Coaching programs are designed to help individuals discover their strengths and opportunities for growth, while adding in access to highly talented people who have sat in big chairs in their career and who can provide real world experience to help guide them on their journey.

OMNiview begins each coaching program by collecting highly insightful talent data on each individual.

We deploy our proprietary Match 3.0 strengths assessment and Match 3.0/360 multi-rater assessment to help frame learning needs and create an individual coaching plan that helps leaders:

  • Learn about their natural strengths and potential derailers.
  • Learn how to drive results in a systematic manner.
  • Understand the relationship between their leadership effectiveness and high impact business outcomes.

The OMNIview coaching bench includes successful executives from all disciplines who have a passion and the chops to follow that old French slogan and help individuals develop from
“where they are” to “where they want to be”.

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