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The Journey to Leadership Success

The Journey to Leadership Success

This tremendously insightful leadership effectiveness handbook contains developmental insights on critical competencies tied to highly effective leaders.

It is especially impactful when paired with our innovative Match 3.0/360 Multi-Rater assessment and provides leaders all the tips and insights they need to up their leadership effectiveness game.

The insights contained in the book are broken into 4 leadership levels, from Sr. Leader to First-Level leader and features Performance Standards, Development Tips, and Suggested Exercises all designed to help leaders focus on the development and continuous improvement of their leadership capabilities.

This intentionally tactile book becomes a wonderful reference tool for leaders at all levels who are looking to improve their own skills, or coach team member skills.

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Leadership Notepad

Leadership Notepad

As a helpful reminder and fun way to keep development goals top of mind, OMNIview created the Leadership Effectiveness Notepad which features a weekly checklist of both TOP PRIORITIES and a TO DO LIST meant to keep leaders focused on the high impact activities that will truly make a difference in their performance and development.

By consciously writing down their top weekly priorities tied to both performance objectives and development objectives, leaders gain a tangible reminder to focus on what’s most important.

Besides, it’s a great conversation starter!

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Both the book and the notepad work well together and can be purchased either individually or as a set.

Custom Interview Guide

OMNIview Custom Interview Guide

We can create a high-impact custom interview guide for any role!

Research has shown interview structure is the single component that contributes most to highly effective and valid interviews. Targeted job competencies and pre-planned thoughtful questions are a key component to selecting the right candidates and providing a professional interview experience.

Constructing a professional interview guide can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Each question needs to have a clear connection to a competency requirement for the position and effectively elicit responses that enable interviews to accurately evaluate qualifications.

OMNIview can equip your interviewers with job relevant custom interview guides that help them not only help them feel comfortable in their role but equips them to make high quality selection decisions.

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