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Why OMNIview?
The Power of The Match

Using our Patented Match Technology organizations manage talent development and succession, determine best "fit" by using tailored new candidate assessments, and strengthen the entire interviewing process. Our proprietary Match Technology makes it easy to manage internal and external talent by leveraging real-life, meaningful data.

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The OMNIview Advantage

Best Data. Best Decisions. Remarkable Results.

Improving employee retention and selection does not have to be so hard. Human Resource departments are scrambling to Match the best talent to jobs, internally and externally, and unfortunately someone who looks good on paper isn't always the right fit for the role. The result, if you get it wrong, is candidates who hate their job, quit within a year, and leave the company with a poor employment brand. OMNI solves this "fit" equation.

We know every business needs cost effective solutions. OMNIview's technology solutions provide organizations of all sizes superior talent insights for a price others can’t Match.

Whether your organization is trying to solve the “fit” equation from scratch or looking to really beef up their existing processes, OMNI has the right solution for you!

  • Every insight you need to find and keep the best talent