Match 3.0/360

Our highly innovative and impactful multi-rater solution

360 Multi-rater

The Match 3.0/360 multi-rater development assessment is one of the most powerful and insightful talent development tools in the market today.

The 360 process helps individuals discover their strengths and areas of needed development on critical competency mastery areas via well rounded feedback from the people around them who see them in action.

The feedback collection process typically begins with the person’s own perception of his/her competencies, as well as those from their boss, peers, direct reports, and, if appropriate, customers, and other work colleagues such as project team members.

The data is collected and reported in a manner that protects rater confidentiality while providing the participant a clear overview of strengths as well as areas of developmental need.

The trailblazing OMNIview Match 3.0/360 is the most innovative and impactful multi-rater solution ever developed and is supported by our rich proprietary development content and our valuable handbook, The Journey to Leadership Success.

Match 3.0 / 360 Development Assessment Report

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