Match 3.0

The science of job to talent matching.

Match 3.0

The Match 3.0 strengths assessment was developed to provide organizations unmatched insights around the selection and development of talent!

Featuring 8 critical talent metrics that we blend into an overall match score, Match 3.0 provides every insight you need to gauge a person’s fit to both the job and your culture.

Match 3.0 has become an invaluable tool helping our clients dramatically improve the development of talent as well.

The highly insightful development insights generated at both the team and individual level, supported by rich development content, are a game changer for clients wanting to supercharge their talent development efforts!  

Match 3.0's Selection and Development Insights

Compare profiles

Compare job profile to candidate profile

Measure key qualities

Measure key qualities needed to flourish

Candidate data and insight

Receive data and insight into candidate

Match company culture

Match with your company and its culture

The Match 3.0 Advantage

Increased retention

Increased retention

Increased sales growth

Increased sales growth

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satifaction

Thriving team

Thriving team members

Cost effective


Don’t miss out on your chance to bring game changing insights into your talent selection and development initiatives!

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