The power to foreQast great performance …

Once you get great talent in the door, how do you ensure they are engaged and productive? The foreQast™ suite of HR talent management solutions drives your process and future view of critical talent. foreQast™ gives you the power to effectively and affordably implement a cutting edge talent management focus in your organization that helps keep your best players loyal and engaged!

Using the unique analyst and reporting capabilities of foreQast™, your organization will know specifically how employees are performing, help them understand how they are perceived, identify top performers and provide developmental insights to help them succeed.

With the cost of turnover being such a large expense to any P&L, shouldn’t you be investing in critical tools designed not only for “finding” critical talent, but also in “keeping” them longer? We think so!

Let our foreQast™ visionary talent management solutions work for you!

The foreQast Talent Management Suite:

foreQast Talent Performance – “The WHAT and the HOW”

The Talent Performance module of foreQast™ is designed to perfectly fit your culture, regardless of how robust your performance management process is. Whether you desire an employee-driven or manager-driven process, foreQast™ Talent Performance is the only tool you will ever need to align individual goals with those of the team and the organization.

Using our unique proprietary technology and robust competency library to evaluate both the “what” and the “how” of performance, our process will allow you to create a performance-driven culture at a fraction of the cost of the big box HR technology companies.

foreQast Talent Assessment – “How do you REALLY know”

Whether as a pre-employment selection tool or a post-employment developmental tool, foreQast™ Talent Assessment beats the competition in both price and impact!

Do you know how to truly get underneath the surface of a candidate and discover their true experiences, motivators and traits? Do you know what attributes are actually career derailers and will limit their growth?

We do, and with foreQast™ Talent Assessment, so will you!

foreQast Multi-Rater – “a well rounded view is a clear view”

360, 180, heck in the X-games a snow boarder even pulled off a 1260! Regardless of how full a view you are looking for to develop key talent on your team, foreQast™ Multi-Rater is the best tool for the job!

Does dramatically improving the accuracy in identifying individual and group development needs appeal to you? It should!

What about a dramatic improvement in self-awareness and willingness to improve? That should too!

The foreQast™ Multi-Rater is all about development of critical talent. And helping critical talent achieve their highest level of performance isn’t just important to the bottom line, it IS the bottom line!

If feedback is the breakfast of champions, then multi-rater feedback is a champagne brunch. And no brunch is more affordable or effective than foreQast™ Multi-Rater!

foreQast Spotlight – “shine a light on Talent Identification, Succession Planning, and Talent Development”

• High Potential Identification early on is a critical part of retaining your best and brightest future stars. But what criteria are you using to make this assessment? If it is only slightly better than a Ouija board or perhaps a flip of the coin, then you need foreQast™ Spotlight! Our cutting edge, technology-driven process gives you insightful group and individual reports centered around critical performance on key advancement potential criteria. What does that really mean? It means you will have a more actionable, consistent and inspiring way to identify key future players than ever before! We think that is pretty cool … don’t you?

• Succession Planning is hard to do … especially if you don’t have the tools or the talent to do it well. foreQast™ Succession Planning provides both! Being prepared, especially in today’s high churn environment, for senior team member changes is a critical skill set of most successful companies today. And getting it wrong can cost you dearly on the top and bottom line. Do you know who in your organization is ready to take on a larger role? What criteria are you basing that opinion on? foreQast™ Succession Planning takes the guess work out of the process and allows you to save time, develop the right skill sets and get to a better fit every time!

• Talent Development is all about planting the seeds and watching them grow! But just like your garden, the seeds don’t grow by themselves. They need fertilizer (coaching), watering (skill development), and weeding (identification of derailers that will hold them back). The foreQast™ tool set provides everything you need to grow a healthy talent garden in your organization.

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