By combining the most predictive indicators of talent to job fit into one affordable SaaS platform, fitQuest provides necessary and relevant information that ensures organizations are consistently making the best possible talent selection.

OMNIview’s fitQuest™ Talent Selection tool boosts recruitment by providing Real MATCH Percentages to unique indicators of an organization’s culture. All of the tools in OMNIview’s Talent Suite are powered by The Match, a talent to job fit percentage that provides accurate hiring results.

Talent Match Percentage

To improve the talent selection process, HR and hiring managers will input unique job and company data into fitQuest during job profiling process. The best candidate is selected every time from fitQuest’s unique talent match percentage scores.

Competency Based Assessments

fitQuest’s powerful assessment tool is validated and ready to reduce company turnover and select the best possible talent for an organization’s unique culture. fitQuest comes equipped with standard competencies which you can use, customize, or store your pre-created models!

Interviewing Made Easy

fitQuest creates customizable behavioral Interview Guides which factor into the talent match percentage. OMNI ensures that the interview process is optimized for ideal talent selection, saving HR time and money. For info on easy-and-fast Interviewer Training, check out totalView!