The QUEST for FIT… fitQuest Talent Selection

By combining the most predictive indicators of job fit into one affordable SaaS platform, fitQuest puts the most powerful hiring solution in the world at your fingertips…every day!

Productivity, Critical Customer Relationships, Complex Internal Processes, Internal Team Relationships, and yes, even Profitability…are all important components of your organization that can be severely disrupted by making even one mistake on a critical hire. Uncovering deep insightful data about a candidate is the key to making great hiring decisions!

fitQuest starts with the creation of a robust Job Profile anchored by customized or standard competencies. The profile is the foundation of our patented “match” process and identifies all of the critical elements to be matched by individual candidates. Matching an Assessment against that profile provides you a “match score” for each candidate which helps you determine who truly fits the role you are hiring for. The assessment provides you specific personality factors of the candidate compared to level appropriate norms. It includes norm based measures of both personality and experience which provide unique insights and coupled with competency measurements give you a head start on development needs.

fitQuest also provides a fully automated (from custom interview guides to decision support data) interview process which utilizes our revolutionary “Blended Interviewing” approach. Blended interviewing is scientifically proven to be the best process to truly uncover the real person and their fit. Anchored by behavioral interviewing components (the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior in circumstances as close to the job situation they are applying for as possible) our “Blended Interviewing” process will give you deeper candidate insights than normal interviewing practices provide.

fitQuest is completely legally defensible, and will truly make your HR team and hiring manager’s talent selection pros!

There are many more things to share with you about the power of fitQuest and all its cutting edge talent selection components, but hey, we can’t give away ALL of our secrets here…just like Coca Cola we keep some of the recipe secret. Unlike them, we let you in on all of the secrets when you see a demo of fitQuest.

To start your fitQuest™ adventure and begin using our Talent Selection and Assessment Tools, call (877) 426-6222 or email us today!.

Why fitQuest™?

Because fitQuest™ enlightened talent selection and assessment solution delivers three critical outcomes that will have a strong impact on your business: Increase Human Capital ROI, Reduce Turnover, and Reduce Risk to Your Business and Your Hires.

Selecting the Right Talent Will Help Increase Human Capital ROI – “It’s all about the bottom line”

One bad hire into a critical role can cause months of lost productivity and thousands of dollars in lost training time and spend, plus a bad hire can create major risk with customer relationships. We believe every organization should be on a QUEST to hire players who have the fit of a champion!

Shouldn’t you be on a fitQuest™ for top performers for your company?

Assessing Talent Will Reduce Turnover – “Stop the rush for the exits”

If you aren’t taking the time to make fitQuest™ Talent Selection and Assessment Tools a critical part of your culture you are actually inviting high turnover. Many new employees either bomb out in the first 90 days or become “acceptable” performers and stay for six months to a year before either you or they decide it’s time to go. Without the rigor behind fitQuest™ helping you ensure the right fit, HR is rolling the dice as to whether or not this person will ever become a high performance player in your organization.

With the fitQuest™ tools, you will have proper data at your fingertips.  You can match and screen candidates more effectively and make better placements that stay with your organization longer. Ensuring the right fit the first time means higher productivity and higher retention AND lower recruitment spend for you!

Isn’t that kind of result worthy of a fitQuest™?

Hiring the Right Talent Reduces Risk – “Fairness and integrity are important parts of your brand”

When it comes to hiring decisions, limiting your risk isn’t just about defensibility; it is about your brand. It is about being known as a place that is extremely fair in their hiring practices with the most comprehensive view of what makes a person a great fit for the job.

Many HR departments get it wrong in terms of fit and allow personal bias to influence their decision making. fitQuest™ makes it all about the fit, through the most comprehensive view of talent in the market. It is defensible, it is predictable, but most importantly it helps ensure all of your decisions are good decisions grounded in science, not gut.

Shouldn’t you be on a fitQuest™ for great talent decision support? That’s why we’ve made a Talent Selection and Assessment tool built on decades of scientific research proven to work. And now you can start using it to improve your organization.

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