Dr. Lowell Hellervik – Chairman of OMNIview

Dr. Lowell Hellervik, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized business leader and expert on leadership talent management, as well as the co-founder of PDI Ninth House (PDI). PDI was sold to Korn/Ferry in 2012. Under Dr. Hellervik’s direction, PDI grew from a small, local consultancy firm to a premier, international management consulting firm, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with 850 employees in over 30 operating offices around the world. He is also the co-founder and chairman of OMNI, an HR software development firm with an expertise in talent selection and talent management.

Dr. Hellervik was the original author of PDI’s groundbreaking Successful Manager’s Handbook and co-wrote The What and Why of Assessment. He was instrumental in developing PDI’s extensive multi-rater feedback (360’s) business, which evolved into the “Profiler for Executives” and “Profiler for Managers” family of products and services. He also made a significant contribution to the Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology with his chapter entitled “Behavior Change.” He was instrumental in the creation of PDI’s managerial coaching business. Through his visionary leadership, PDI evolved from a small, local consulting firm into an international leader in leadership development and human resources consulting.

Dr. Hellervik received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Minnesota and is also on the adjunct staff at the University of Minnesota with the title of Clinical Associate Professor. He has endowed several academic chairs at the U of M and enjoys bringing his vast experience and pioneering expertise to his field.

On April 24, 2013, Dr. Lowell Hellervik of OMNI conducted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, where for two hours he held court and answered questions ranging from talent management to how best to be recognized for advancement…all the way to who is better, the Gophers or the Badgers! (Hint – Dr. Hellervik is a graduate of the University of Minnesota) Below you can find the Reddit questions and Lowell’s answers on our OMNI blog.

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