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Hire someone with no experience! Wait, what?? So begins this excellent and provocative article on LinkedIn. Robbie Waeschenfelder points out that most traditional hiring managers and recruiters will default to looking at resumes that display a ton of experience for a posted position. But is that the best way of hiring someone or even the right candidates to consider? Perhaps not.

Every time I see a job posting in my field, in our company or elsewhere, I think of some younger, hungry, aggressive, smart people I know who would do such a great job in that kind of position, that’s technically a little too big for them. Why? Because they’ll put 150% effort into it, learn every detail of the job, half out of appetite to impress and learn, half out of (a positive) anxiety of failing.

That’s the importance of talent management. Finding the right person, that is the right fit, for the right role, and overtime keeping them in that position and helping them grow into new roles and new opportunities as they present themselves. In a way, it’s part an art, and part a science, but always requires that unique view into hiring and candidates that most recruiters and hiring managers need to learn.

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