Sources of Talent for Populating a Candidate Talent Community

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Organizations will likely ask “How can I quickly grow a candidate talent community from scratch?” A candidate talent community can be quickly established using a variety of sources. These sources include:

Top Candidates

The main way people will probably become part of your talent community is through the regular job application process. There will always be those candidates that were not extended a job offer but still impressed the organization as someone they would like to continue to engage and nurture. These individuals would be invited to join the organization’s candidate talent community.

Employee and Candidate Referrals

The power of the employee referral is a critical component to a successful talent community. Referred candidates are more likely to be hired than blind applications and also are much more likely to stay longer and be successful. Employees and candidates can bring greater visibility and interest in your private talent community.

Social Media

Talent profiles that are maintained on other social media sites such as LinkedIn are frequently mined for potential candidates. Discussions with potential candidates about a particular job opportunity should include a pitch for joining the organization’s private talent community even if there is no interest in pursuing the immediate opportunity.

University Recruiting

If you’re participating in any type of on-campus recruiting events, you’ll want to add high potential students you meet there to your talent community.

ATS Legacy Databases

ATS providers promote that they support talent communities when in fact they are only maintaining basic contact and resume information with inefficient search methodologies. However, there is likely a large number of individuals in your legacy database that you can extend an invitation to join a far more engaging and innovative talent community that will deliver true value.

Past Alumni

Invite company alumni to join your talent community. Explain the value of the talent community and encourage them to refer other professional contacts who may be interested in working at your company, whether now or at some point in the future.

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