Insights to sharpen your view of talent

OMNIview provides worldclass consulting to help organizations of all types improve the way they squire and manage talent. Our experts have worked hands-on in organizations ranging from large corporations, small businesses, universities, and government. We have the experience and knowledge to make talent goals reality!

Organizational Effectiveness

Before you buy expensive technology. Before you adopt that new org. program. Make sure your organization’s Strategy, Culture, Processes, People, and Change Management are in alignment or risk epic failure!

OMNIview Organizational Consulting helps find your org’s true north!

Competency Development

Competency Mapping and Competency Development. We do it better than anyone. Ensure executives are putting their stamp on clear requirements for current and future success in pivotal positions as well as desired cultural traits of the organization.

No one knows competencies like OMNIview!

Selection Process Design

Ensure your hiring process is maximized to provide a full view of the talent you are recruiting and that every step of the way there is a data progression allowing deeper insights into candidates.

OMNIviewConsulting builds awe-inspiring recruiting processes!

Talent & Team Development

Who are the best players on your team? Who is poised to take on key roles? We help companies establish a process to ensure their best and brightest stay engaged, develop their full potential, and stay onboard!

OMNIviewConsulting can help you better manage your talent!

Custom Talent Projects

Define your culture and create scientific views of talent that can be matched for hiring and promotion decisions. Add a more meaningful 360/Multi-Rater process for development. Upgrade Your Current Performance Management Process. OMNIview consulting solves your talent challenges.

OMNIview consulting knows talent from all angles! We can help you improve all of your talent processes!