Technology continues to improve, but will your HR department keep up?

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Earlier this week Microsoft announced the updated Surface Pro 2. For those who don’t pay attention to the computer tablet market, the Surface Pro is basically an entire computer housed within a touchscreen, but unlike Apple’s popular iPad, the Surface Pro 2 is running a complete version of Windows 8, meaning any program that you use on your computer you can also use on the Surface Pro 2.

This is game changing for the HR technology industry. You can throw everything you do on your work computer into your briefcase, backpack, or purse. Instead of needing to go into the office to review hiring protocols or job applications, you can do it all from a portable device you bring with you to the employment site. While the initial cost for the Surface Pro 2 may be a bit steep (the low end model will be starting around $899), the overall lifetime cost savings and benefits from the device will be staggering.

But a portable computer is really only as good as the software you are running on it. Everyone may have the basic applications like Outlook or Excel, but do you have HR industry specific software? Why not run foreQast or fitQuest from OMNIview? With fitQuest™, you can take a candidate through the interview management process faster and more successfully than traditional HR methods. Literally create on-the-fly interview guides using customized questions from thousands of choices, and add candidates and assign interviewers, report on the results, build consensus and make the best hire. And the foreQast™ suite of HR software tools drives your process and future view of critical talent. It gives you the power to effectively and affordably implement a cutting edge talent management focus in your organization and helps keep your best players loyal and engaged!

HR departments are entering into new territory in the next few months. Incredibly portable powerful computers allow you take all your hiring decisions on the road, and software such as OMNIview‘s foreQast™ and fitQuest™ are right there to help you take advantage of the technology and make your hiring decisions even better!


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