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Do you follow Dr. Patrick Hausenstein on Twitter? You really should. Each day he finds the best articles from the HR blogger and online community and shares them with his followers and us.

We’re big fans of TLNT, the best ‘business of HR’ news and opinion site on the Internet. Each day there are new conversations and opinions getting into the meat of HR, with topics ranging from best hiring practices to how to properly track talent performance metrics. And sometimes they publish attention grabbing, almost controversial articles that get under human resources personnel’s skin.

Ron Thomas’ Yes, It’s  Time to Finally Bid the HR Generalist Goodbye is one such article.

I do not have time for LinkedIn or any of that, but I DO make time for my pedicures. Super serious HR lady at #gbrshrm.”

This was one that I saw posted last when someone was asking what HR could do that would create more employee engagement. The big answer: “company picnic.”

Every time I think about that comment, I get flashbacks to HR managers from my past. This person may have said that in jest, but there is some truth to that jest.

My comment to her Facebook post was, “This is why the state of this profession is in such a funk.

Transforming HR Through Technology

Harsh? Possibly. But also probably necessary. As Thomas later points out, “our profession is being transformed by technology and to sit aside blindly and continue to process things the way they were done years ago is just mind-boggling.” Technology is indeed transforming HR. How many meetings have you attended where before and after everyone is on their smartphones? Or an iPad or Android or Surface tablet is brought out to check email or look up some documents? How often does potential new talent print out an application, fill it out, and hand deliver it?

Why should your HR department be using pen and paper to make all their hiring and talent decisions when there are affordable, comprehensive, scalable technologies and software platforms out there that can deliver cutting edge, science backed, hard statistical facts on whom the best candidates are, what their capabilities are, how they will perform in a role, and what they can bring to your organization with the proper oversight and guided training?

When you have a moment, be sure to read Ron Thomas’ great article (another important thing about great HR departments: they keep informed on the latest news and opinions). And know that OMNIview is here to help your organization find the right talent and keep them longer with our foreQast and fitQuest platforms.

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