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2030! Sounds like a big number, doesn’t it? Yet really, the year 2030 is not that far away, and you could be hiring the next generation of leaders of your organization right now who will be in charge then. Which is why articles like TLNT’s Time To Step Up Your Game: 2030 Megatrends You Need to Understand are so important. The article focuses on 6 megatrends that will drive companies into the future successfully. One of the megatrends is very important to OMNIview: digitization.

Talent management will also be a whole new ball game.

Altrocentric individuals think and act differently, and are driven by different motives. HR will therefore need to think differently about how to inspire them. The conventional wisdom on leadership development will no longer hit the mark.

As such, traditional ways of encouraging leadership performance will not tap into the motivations of altrocentrics. HR will need to readdress career paths, performance management systems and reward packages to incentivize the next generation of leaders.

Talent management is one of OMNIview’s core strengths. It’s what we’ve built our foreQast talent management platform for. We know that you need to know if your talent is performing adequately, how to encourage them, how to build them up and train them for new positions, what they need to succeed. And with effective talent management using the unique analyst and reporting of foreQast™, your organization can know how employees are doing, help them understand how they are perceived, identify top performers and find ways to help them succeed.

foreQast – Talent Management Solutions for Now and the Future

The foreQast suite of HR talent management software tools drives your process and future view of critical talent. We give you the power to effectively and affordably implement a cutting edge talent management focus in your organization and helps keep your best players loyal and engaged. And in the future, even as far or as close as the year 2030, you’ll need every tool you can have at your disposal. The future of your organization depends on finding and keeping the right talent now.

OMNIview will strengthen your talent now and into the future. Contact us today for more details.

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