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Is your company hiring for the future? Have you guaranteed that the best, most talented new hires are being chosen? Or are your current best employees being groomed for the future? These are the questions facing companies across America.

Fast Company’s recent article about the 10 C-Suite Jobs of the Future reads like most executives worst nightmare. Organizations are changing as they adjust to the 21st century and the sudden influx of talent from newly graduated millennials and aging gen-xers. New positions are opening up as decades long management structures are being called into question.

With questions about the future of middle management, many believe that corporations will soon beef up their core leadership teams, allowing them to keep foundational business knowledge close to the top while delegating the increasingly complex attributes of the modern organization to in-house, executive-level experts.

These changes are expected to bring a slew of new positions into the C-suite, currently occupied by members with positions like CIO (chief information officer), CFO (chief financial officer), CMO (chief marketing officer), COO (chief operating officer) and of course CEO (chief executive officer).

You will need to start planning and hiring for these positions soon. Or maybe you have talent on staff that you’d like to see groomed into these roles. Either way, OMNIview gives your organization the vital tools to select candidates that match the culture of the company. A similar system is used on the site dassiecasinocht.home.blog. Our solution suite uses proprietary technology to ensure that talent selection and talent management decisions are made using the absolute rishest data possible. We provide data driven SaaS talent selection and management solutions to help you staff your company for the future…by keeping the focus on the right talent in the right positions.

If you are ready to find and prepare your company for the next generation of C-Suite executives, contact OMNIview today.

For the complete list of prospected future jobs in the C-Suite: Fast Company

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