Bringing Apple’s View into HR

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Did you have a chance to watch Apple’s iPhone event this week? Not only did they announce new iPhone models that will be coming out in the next few weeks, but they once again set the standard and tone of technology for the next year to come.

Apple famously reinvented the smart phone industry a few years ago, and they’ve done the same in other markets as well. Who else remembers a time before iTunes and iPods? There was a time when there was no place to safely legally download music, yet Apple came along and reinvigorated a whole market. They did it using age old design and technology ideas but presented in a new and unique way.

Apple in a way reminds us of OMNIview. (Yes, we dare compare ourselves to them … it’s part of our ‘tudes!) While there may have been several big advances in the field of HR technology and software, the advances are nonetheless founded upon longtime established HR principles. The same titans of the industry who started everything are, for the most part, still around today but a new generation is taking their ideas and applying fresh coats of paint on them. HR will always be focused on the core principles of finding new talent, recruiting them into your organization, and helping them succeed in their careers … but how HR departments go about fulfilling those tasks will always be evolving.

That’s where software solutions like OMNIview‘s foreQast and fitQuest come into play. They are based on scientific principles that have proven successful throughout the HR industry … but with a new twist. They are focused on helping your team find the right talent and keep them longer. Through powerful tools and reporting, you now know – with much greater certainty – who the best fit is, what they need to grow, how to guide them forward … literally training the next generation how to pick up the tools and continue to grow their potential.

That’s the power of foreQast and fitQuest. We know it’s the future of HR. Just like Apple, we will use the best insights from the past and continue to innovate for the future. Isn’t it time you joined OMNIview and see what we see?

John Reynolds

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